Mami Soft Tissue Paper

Made from double strength virgin paper

The finest in virgin toilet paper, affordably priced and quality assured. Founded in 2016 with the expertise of years of experience from MTG Funerals and has been growing rapidly since.

Try Mami Soft and see
why our customers love
The True Softness of Mami Soft.

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Whether you choose our more affordable 1-ply or our more luxurious 2-ply toilet paper we guarantee you a soft durable product.

 Single Ply - Retail
Double Ply - RetailSingle Ply - WholesaleDouble Ply - Wholesale
1 RollR3.99R5.00N/AN/A
1 Pack (10)R39.00R52.00R33.00R44.00
1 Pack (24)R148.00R200,00R138.00R180.00